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Catalyst 2960-Plus 48TC-L Switch - Software Download.

Ios Cisco 2960 Download

Ios Cisco 2960 Download

You can now find a comprehensive document, Cisco 2960 Release Notes, online. In addition to this, you can access the Release Notes for all other Cisco device software packages from a central source. I suggest that you bookmark the document and maintain your own local copy for quick access. This document has been updated with content relevant to Cisco 2960 devices released since the previous version of the document was produced. Before downloading software please review the information in the section title Welcome to Software Version X.X.X... and how to upgrade it. This is very important to ensure that the software is compatible with your equipment. Download the latest software version if your equipment is running the same software version or earlier. Otherwise the downloaded file will not work on your equipment. Download Firmware Download available releases for your equipment. Click the link you are interested in to download firmware. Please ensure that you have the correct software and firmware release for your equipment. If you are unsure of the correct release you may download and install all releases. Start OpenManage™ Start the Cisco eManage Manage Console program. To do this, select Start > Programs > cisco.exe > OpenManage. This software enables you to perform the following tasks: Enable access to third-party software for configuration, management, and maintenance of routers. Run the Cisco eManage Manage Console program from the command line or a shell program. Start eManage Network To display the Cisco eManage Network screen: Select File > Browse. Type the name of the file that contains the setup information for your network and select it. Select Start, and follow the instructions in the Program window that appear. Download and Install Download and install the Cisco eManage Network software. When the software is complete, the 'Download Complete' window appears. From the Cisco eManage Network software window, select Install. Select Install new software, and then follow the instructions in the Program window that appear. Check Cisco 2960 Network Card Check that your Cisco 2960 Network Card is installed properly in your PC, follow the instructions below: Go to Start > Control Panel > System > Device Manager. Click the plus sign (+) next to Network Adapters to expand the list of Network Adapters on your PC. In the list of Network Adapters, double-

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