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Station 8
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Artist Cottage
Artist Cottage
Little Rosa
Carpenter's Apartment
Carpenter's Apartment
Carpenter's Apartment
Salvation Loft
Salvation Loft
Salvation Loft
Salvation Loft
Salvation Loft
Artist Cottage
Artist Cottage
Artist Cottage
Designer's Cottage Home
Designer's Cottage Home


Airbnb management

Are you thinking about renting your home as a vacation property?
It may seem overwhelming but you can partner with us to make your
home rental business stress-free. 
+ Rental Ready  

We provide a comprehensive checklist to assist you with everything you need to know to make your experience stress-free.  We'll work with you to find the solution that fits your unique property and lifestyle, such as your home's marketability to what amenities you should provide your guests. 

+ Reservations

You'll never miss a booking. We respond quickly to all inquiries, confirm availability, rates, and book reservations 7 days a week. We keep you updated with our shared property owner calendar and monthly emails.

+ Timely Guest Communications 

We handle all pre- and post-stay guest communications including booking confirmations, check-in instructions, and customer reviews. We spend time getting to know the guest to ensure they are a good match for your home. 

+ Marketing

We create and promote a professional listing for your home on top vacation rental website Airbnb, social media sites and other professional networks gathered through our years of experience in the hospitality industry. 

+ Vetted Local Service Providers

With our extensive network of local partners we can help you with finding the right photographer, home staging, gardeners, landscapers, and housekeepers.

Need to get repairs done before guests arrive? We can help you with that too. PDWOODS CARPENTRY


+ Concierge Services

Your guests will have access to all of our concierge services, helping your vacation rental home compete with the larger hotels in our area and helping to create a memorable experience and happy customers.


Notice about Your Local Laws

It's important for you to understand how the laws work in your city. Some cities have laws that restrict your ability to host paying guests for short periods. These laws are often part of a city's zoning or administrative codes. In many cities, you must register, get a permit, or obtain a license before you list your property or accept guests. Certain types of short-term bookings may be prohibited altogether. Local governments vary greatly in how they enforce these laws. Penalties may include fines or other enforcement. These rules can be confusing. Often, even city administrators find it tough to explain their local laws. By accepting the Terms of Service and activating a listing with all major online marketing sites, you certify that you will follow your local laws and regulations. Please make sure that you are legally allowed to rent your home as a short term vacation property rental. 







 Woods + Company helps property owners with  set up and management of your booking platform such as Airbnb, manages your bookings and actiing as host and point of contact for your guests as well as providing other guest services as requested by the guests. We also provide cleaning turnover services.


We do not take responsibility for any zoning legality issues, registering your home with the city, insurance needs or taxes issues related to your property.  


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